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Life has been simultaneously slowing down and speeding up at Hillview Farm. My winter semester has begun and on the days I don’t have class, I’m at work. Three weeks into this new schedule and my brains already feel like mush.

In an effort to combat the insanity that is life outside of the home, I’ve been simplifying, minimizing, and just generally clearing out the house. I’m pretty inspired by all of the work going on over at The Minimalists, and while I’m not certain I’d consider myself a minimalist, those lifestyle tendencies are certainly resonating with me right now.

As an artist and a maker, I find myself struggling with this desire to be able to make all of the things and when my creations aren’t up to par with my imaginings, I’m disappointed. I’m certain part of this disappointment is rooted in a desire to diversify the products Fawn Relic has to offer, but more and more I’m realizing that I don’t have to do and offer it all. I’m slowly learning to let myself off the hook in this department and it’s a relief.

The past several weeks in Michigan (and many other areas of the northern hemisphere) have been greeted by the “Arctic Blast” (which reminds me of the name of an Icee drink) and most of humanity in the affected region has hunkered down. It’s a time for warm blankets, steaming cups of that most delicious of beverages (tea, of course), and definitely some knitting. While the snowy conditions have made travel difficult and the gusty wind is doing nothing good for the complexion, I have to admit that I rather enjoy this winter storm. It’s forcing me to stop and just be. And that’s something I can get behind.

Shop Update!

I finally had the chance to add some recently finished pieces to the shop! You will find another pair of GEMINI Mittens and some new WATCH CAPS all in the new Quince & Co. wool I’ve started using.

All items are now made to order and can take from 3 days to 2 weeks to make plus additional time for shipping. Plan accordingly!

The fickle Michigan sun decided to show its face today, allowing me to photograph some brand new Gemini Mittens and add them to the shop!

A bit about the Gemini Mittens:The Gemini Mittens were born out of a desire to design a simple, minimalist-type mitten. I wanted them to be warm and I wanted them to be versatile. They needed to be able to go with anything in a person’s wardrobe and stand up to wear and tear. I opted for a reversible option to maximize their wear-ability.

This current batch of Gemini Mittens are hand-knit from United States-based Quince & Co. yarn and are 100% American sheep’s wool. This yarn is super soft and the colors are so rich and subtle, making the knitting process that much more enjoyable.

Generally, it takes me about four days to hand-knit each pair of mittens. Once knit, I give the mittens a bath to soften the wool and even out the stitches. Then I lay them out to air dry for about two days. Once dry, I fold them up into proper mitten-shape and they are ready to be sent to their new homes!