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The fickle Michigan sun decided to show its face today, allowing me to photograph some brand new Gemini Mittens and add them to the shop!

A bit about the Gemini Mittens:The Gemini Mittens were born out of a desire to design a simple, minimalist-type mitten. I wanted them to be warm and I wanted them to be versatile. They needed to be able to go with anything in a person’s wardrobe and stand up to wear and tear. I opted for a reversible option to maximize their wear-ability.

This current batch of Gemini Mittens are hand-knit from United States-based Quince & Co. yarn and are 100% American sheep’s wool. This yarn is super soft and the colors are so rich and subtle, making the knitting process that much more enjoyable.

Generally, it takes me about four days to hand-knit each pair of mittens. Once knit, I give the mittens a bath to soften the wool and even out the stitches. Then I lay them out to air dry for about two days. Once dry, I fold them up into proper mitten-shape and they are ready to be sent to their new homes!