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Grand Adventure 2012: Day 6


The rain let up enough on Friday for us to make another visit to the Bruise Brothers wall. We were able to play on a few harder routes. We’ve noticed that most of the routes we’ve climbed have rather difficult or boulder-like starts and that the rest of the route is fairly simple. We are still getting used to climbing on rocks rather than plastic and finding the transition to be rather difficult. I know that we are outside and that there will be dirt and all of that, but somehow I didn’t expect all the spiders. And because we are in Kentucky, I keep expecting to run into some snakes while on the wall (some of the overhangs are perfect chillin’ spots for snakes).


Yesterday we visited the Boneyard crag, also in Muir Valley. Matt was able to climb a 5.9m but I wasn’t up for much more than belaying. I’m feeling extremely tired and calling in a mandatory rest day for today.


Photos: 1. A salamander friend we made at the Bruise Brothers wall. 2. Matt at the top of Stealing Melinda. A 5.9 at the Boneyard. 3. Miguel’s basement.

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