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Grand Adventure 2012: Days….I’ve lost count

Well, we survived the storm that I last wrote about. Then we got lost in the Shawnee National Forest while looking for a crag. So we did some exploring instead. We finally found our crag (and the way out of it), but didn’t feel much like climbing after our crazy hike so we got ice cream instead. The next day was much too hot for any sort of outdoor excursions so we visited Metropolis, IL the home of Superman. It was perfectly cheesy and we especially enjoyed the giant statue of Superman that resides in front of their court house. The next day we found a used bookstore and stocked up on some new reading material as we’ve already devoured all of the books we brought with us. We spent the next two days reading around our picnic table and trying to stay cool.





Sunday we left Illinois and got ourselves a nice comfy hotel room in Saint Louis, MO. It was fabulously extravagant (compared to our tent living, that is) and totally worth it. We had dinner at a great little pizzeria called Joanie’s and stuffed ourselves to bursting.


This morning we were complete tourists and visited the Arch. This was also my first time traveling west of Illinois and I’m so excited for this leg of the adventure. Tonight we find ourselves visiting one of my cousins and his family in Kansas and we are glad to see some familiar faces and eat a home-cooked meal. We plan to stay here for the next few days and then we are off to Colorado!



Signing off…

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