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Grand Adventure 2012: Days 4 + 5


Thursday we woke up bright and early  and breakfasted on oranges and peanut butter sandwiches. After hiking awkwardly with our rope yesterday , we decided to head into Lexington for a visit to the Phillip Gall outfitter store. We left with a new crag bag, a pair of waterproof hiking boots for me and a raincoat (also for me). We grabbed a bite to eat the Hugh Jass Burgers (pun intended) near the University of Kentucky campus and then made our way to the Bruise Brothers wall in Muir Valley.



We will definitely be coming back to this wall later in the week. So far, we are sticking to easier routes (5.7s and 5.8s) as we get acclimated to outdoor climbing. We stayed at Bruise Brothers until the early evening and then traveled back to camp and enjoyed some Ale 8s and a can of pineapple for dinner (the over-sized portions at Hugh Jass left us full and satiated).

Today the weather is damp and rainy and has turned this into a laundry/book reading day. Right now we are tucked in Miguel’s basement rec area and amusing ourselves with internet and Ale 8 drinking. It looks like today is going to be a day for relaxing. I’m hoping for some mac and cheese with tuna for lunch today.


Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come back out and I expect we will visit Muir Valley again for some climbing. So far we are finding the hikes to the crags more exhausting than the actual climbing itself.

Well, I’m off to check on laundry. I hope to check in again tomorrow or the next day.

Photos: 1. CH 4 route at the Bruise Brothers wall in Muir Valley. 2. Matt preparing to lead a route. 3. I made it to the top! 4. Matt in the basement at Miguel’s getting our internet fix.