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I feel like I should have a lot to say. I feel like I should regale all of you with tales of the last weeks of our journey, but everything was such a whirlwind after our stay in Kansas. We saw Colorado. We saw Utah. We saw Idaho, Oregon and Washington. But most significantly (to me at least) we saw the ocean.

Living in Michigan, surrounded by bodies of water, I’ve come to love damp, cool lake air and the movement of the water. But the ocean is something completely different. It possesses a primal energy that speaks to the core of me. I can feel it in my soul. This was my first experience with the Pacific Ocean and I must say, our days driving the 101 on the Oregon and Washington coasts were my favourite of the entire trip. The climate reminded me of that of Ireland where I visited when I was 11. It was green and misty and after spending several days in the arid mountains of Colorado, Utah and Idaho it was a much welcome reprieve. We ran barefoot on the beach, splashing in the icy waves and inspecting alien-like kelp. The sand there is black and fine and feels like a carpet under your feet.




One day, I will live contentedly by the sea.